Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Money is in the air...

My income from daily interests has been quite low over the last weeks, as I bought JT Invesment Certificates. I left only 5'000L$ in cash by JTF, so I got about 5L$ per day, but tomorrow (may depend of your timezone) JTF will pay interest on the certificates for the first time.

The deal with these certificates is they pay 0.2% daily, on the 1st of each month. So I expect quite a good income, and may be a party at Club Josephina after that !

This will compensate for the reduction of the Cannabis Camping, whose rate dropped from 2L$ / 5 minutes to 2L$ / 9 minutes. Anyway a bit better than my minimal objective of 2L$ / 10 minutes...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Cannabis Makes JohnLight Happy

Cannabis also makes JohnLight rich !

I did not started to deal nor smoke cannabis, keep cool, man... I just found a new campsite, themed on cannabis. The big weeds plant on this screenshot is paying 2L$ / 5 minutes... which is the double of my standard rate ! So yes, cannabis makes me happy, man !

By the way, did I say that the location of this plant has been shared in the "Free Money from JohnLight Raymaker" group, man ?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

GUEST POST from Wrager Creeley

I mentionned in yesterday's post that I met many interesting persons via SL. One of them is Wrager Creeley, which I could hardly define. Wrag is always full of ideas, of enthusiasm, and of energy.

I asked him several times to share his ideas via the blog, and he finally did it. To be fair, I don't understood myself all what he wrote in this guest post...

Hello readers:

Well I'd like to tell about a thing for this blog...

I must really do. About some things in Second Life, and my story... Oh and I am Wrager Creeley btw, and you may also know me as, on many other sites, as "Mrcreds", "Mrcreds\Alex", or "MrcredsAlex"

Oh and yeah I am alex11 and Ltalexgt on Anarchy Online too... you really must know about me!

Well it all started on Anarchy Online AKA AO.

Yeah I am the leader of that organization you may know as, "Sixximux", and I own the most-known nickname in all the internet...

Well believe it or not, it's just true...

After beign called "Leader of a cult", "King of Kongregate", "Kongregate's StrawberryClock", and, "OMG DA GUY DAT SUBMITS CRAP TO KONGREGATE OMG OMG I <3>

I think I should really write this...

My Second Life is like everybody's. I(must say first I am a BOY in Real Life) have, my first-created, (NOW NAME REVEALED YAYAYAYYAYA) Super Sexy Outfit, who is just a woman with photo-textured eyes and hair, avatar... I rarely show it now. Only to early-known friends who first seen me with it. I have too my created big avatar, a Mario and Sonic one... and yeah, my Second Life is like yours. I keep hearing "OMG UR A MOTHERFUCKER UR GOING DOWN >.<" sounds, I sometimes get banned for doing good things, and, this is less-known, my nickname is MrcredsAlex... on the internet... and when playing MMORPGs, I too see names like "OMGLETSPVPIPWNUURASUCKERRUBBISHIAM1337YAYAYAYAYAYAY"

You may not expect this, but... I DON'T PLAY WORLD OF WARCRAFT! I play RuneScape currently...

I am not a big-earner, not a poor guy, in Second Life, but I really have big dreams... I am scriptor of things done in 5 minutes that are sold for 50000L$ at least and I sell it for just 100L$... I never use BIG prices...

People hates and loves me, and I believe in the fact, that even applies to myself, "a person is a retard or a complete idiot"

Second Life is not a game... Second Life is a big-earner for Linden Labs... I love it, I play it very, very, VERY, VERY REALLY, VERY REALLY OFTEN! Almost every day. Well, EVERY DAY for around 6 hours if nothing stops me from doing it.

I have a premium account, and, as of this year, I get it free selling the stipends using pay-per-year...

Love, but sadly, unfortunately, this is exactly how the life is... you do good things to get bad things back at you... MrcredsAlex. Oh, by the way, I am NOT crying now because I know life will FOREVER be this, not life, but retarded-brains of people who can't think of things before doing them. I love myself, life, my friends, everyone. But I know everyone except some of my friends hates me... Forever remember... this... I have not lied in this, it's all truth... Talk to you later when you guess the name of a person who has the fake lastname of Loire. (Serously) (not me)


Again, love, MrcredsAlex. Love, MrcredsAlex. Love, MrcredsAlex... lololololol... g0mlawlzma0...

Think of that again. Yes, I know what you're thinking of. Because you must OZEY... (yeah, the z is on purpose)... "

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Post number 201 - Looking back

This blog was born on the 1st of June 2007, 4 months and 26 days ago, and this is post number 201... a good time to look at all what I've done in SecondLife since.

I started with the goal of making money easily, using camping and banks. Simple plan, just a matter of how long I could camp and how much I could get out of the bank. I quickly learnt how find good camping spots, and how to re-configure the Second Life client to avoid being disconnected after 30 minutes of idle time.

While camping, I met people who are now good friends and who teach me a lot. I particularly think of Josephina Bonetto, who is now running Club Josephina. Jo also suggested to create a group to share ideas and good camping spots with other campers. I made it, and we are now 82 members in "Free Money from JohnLight Raymaker". Campsite sharing continues to go on, I regularly post good adresses to the group, and some other active members do it as well. It even happend that I used the group to find new campsites for myself ! I also decided that when I will get the 1'000'000L$, I will give it to one of the members of the group.

Jo also suggested to create an alt, a second avatar so as to be able to camp more, using my spare computer. I knew later than some SL players are running up to 8 avatars simultaneously ! When I met Jo, she was envisaging to buy a small piece of land to be able to change clothing in a quiet place... Not only she made it, but she is now running a night club and renting appartments !

As my wealth was increasing, I lost nearly all of it (10'000L$ by that time) when Ginko bank collapsed. This has been hard period, and I one lesson I learnt was to keep a separate reserve in a safe place. Since then I keep 10% of my total earnings apart. At this point an other important people comes in the story: Stroh Bing. He was kind enough to put me back on track, with a gift to compensate for what I lost in Ginko collapse !

Another problem hit the camping community at the same period: LindenLab made gambling illegal in Second Life. As gambling was a main source of income for camping operators, the number of campsites was strongly reduced, as well as the payrates and maximal earnings.

Another important people in my story is Arbitrage Wise, CEO of JT Financials, and SL Capital exchange. Apart from giving me very interesting inside views of a SL bank, he gave me 5'000L$ to invest on SL Capital Exchange ! Until now my results as a day trader are not exactly good, these 5'000L$ are now worth... 3'800 L$. Ooops. I'm still looking for better investment strategy.

More recently, I organized two contests to animate the little commuinity that is forming arount me and this blog. This was a good opportunity to reward friends I met through the group. They are way too numerous now to be all mentionned here, and I don't want to make any jealous... I won't cite bad people either, I'm in a positive mood right now.

To close this mini restrospective, I can say that what started as a purely economical quest turned into a passionating human adventure. It had up and downs, I met all kind of people, we exchanged views and ideas. I want to warmly thank all of you, who made SecondLife part of my Real Life...

And now, turn towards future, and see how to get this million Linden Dollars !

PS: Genie, you're the sweetest person I met in SL, I could not finish this post without talking of you.

Friday, October 26, 2007

GRRRR ! Fake Benches F....d my 200th Post !

This was supposed to be a happy, festive, funny post, but it has been RUINED by bloody fake camping benches !

I found a spot cracked-up with 3L$ / 15 minutes benches. I was so happy that I sent a notice on the "Free Money from JohnLight Raymaker" group to share it with all the members ! I even teleported some friends there, before starting a long camping session.

When I came back, what a surprise... I had earned 26L$. Those of you thinink "lucky JohnLight" shall explain me which number multiplied by 3 can give 26 !!

After some trials of few benches in this place, I found out that two out of three of the poseballs there are paying only (2L$ / 10 initial version) 2L$ / 15 minutes (corrected after Sylver's comment) ! I just feel disgusted, and my blog-iversary is wasted, to say the less !

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Do you like Second Life goodies ?

T-shirt ? Cap ? Mug ? Mousepad ? Sticker ? Calendar ? Magnet ?

Would you like a JohnLight Raymaker customized goodie ?

Wrager Creeley (a very creative friend from SL) sent me today to the website of cafepress, a company producing t-shirts, caps, and goodies on demand, with customized look.

Before starting such a business, I wanted to see if you would be interested... so please let me know via a comment, or a mail.

(N - 1... suspense...)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Failed transaction - Trouble report - (N - 2)

I got bad news today... Angle Binder just told me she did not get the 100L$ I paid her for her second place in the non-human avatar contest. A rapid check on the SecondLife website confirmed that money left my account, but did not reach hers.

After a second look on the website, I filled a report in. Apparently this kind of issues is quite frequent, because there is a template specially for it ! I will post again when the issue will be investigated and hopefully solved by LindenLab.

From a financial point of view, this is quite interesting, because it means money disapeared, or more precisely went back to LL. Just is when paying someone, the money would go back to the bank itself.

My question now is simple: How much money is lost this way in SecondLife ? Let me know if you had similar experience. May be LL is getting huge ammounts of money back this way...

Post N - 2... stay tuned

Monday, October 22, 2007

Non-human avatar contest - And the winners are...

The non-human avatar contest is over now... here is the enveloppe...

3rd, with 4 votes, earning 50L$... Wrager Creeley !

2nd, with 5 votes, earning 100L$... Angle Binder !

Winner, with 6 votes, earning 250L$... Reverend Chapman !

Congratulation to all of you, you will get your money very soon...

Thanks to all contestants, stay tuned for the next contest. Thanks also to Kadena Whitfield who sponsored this contest. If you want to be a sponsor of the next contest, contact me.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

New rumor - LindenLab to close alternate accounts

Rumors are permanently running in SecondLife, sometimes they become truth, sometimes they're just silly things.

Two friends of mine reported a new rumor to me: LindenLab would close alternate accounts. Alternate accounts are various accounts held by the same real-life person, like me with JohnLight and JaneLight.

The question of verifying accounts is not easy to solve, but it could be based on credit card information.

For the time being this rumor is purely un-official. There is no information on the official SecondLife Blog nor anywhere else... so wait and see

Second Life is not all about money...

I started this quest with a financial plan. Camp... bank... interests... million...

After few month, I must admit that I got caught by the social aspect of Second Life. My list of friends is quite long, and not only of people who added me because of this blog. Some people I met here helped me in my quest, I helped some others with their goals, and just shared thoughts with some.

As in real life, meeting key people and building a good network is important. I will not make a list here, but knowing all these persons definetly made a difference in my results, and motivation.

May be this blog will change a bit now, and I will enlarge its scope to something like "how to be successful in Second Life"... stay tuned !

Saturday, October 20, 2007

10'000 and beyond !

The visits counter of this blog turned 10'000 yesterday ! Other important steps will come soon: 6 months (on the 1st of November) and 200 posts.

I wanted to say a warm thank you to all of you, readers who contribute to this success, and I will continue on the same way to help you even more with camping and other easy ways to earn linden dollars. If you have any wishes or suggestions to make the blog better, feel free to comment...

May be some kind of celebration will take place for the 6 months... May be a group photo with all my SL friends, or a new kind of contest... will see...

Speaking of contests, Kadena Whitfield sent me the 400L$ for the non-human avatar contest... you can still vote until monday !

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Making 30L$ each day is hard work

Each time someone asks me what are my goals in terms of camping, I answer 30L$ daily, according to my strategy.

Each time I say that, I got the same answer: "It's too low, you will never get millionaire, and it's easy".

Each time the discussion starts, and I have to explaing why it is hard work to earn 30L$ each day. The keyword is not earn, nor 30, and not even day... but E-A-C-H ! Ok, I don't camp each and every day, but I manage to maintain a weekly average of 210L$, and beleive me, it's not so easy. Between job, private activities, campsites closing, Second Life maintenance and bugs, it requires quite a discipline to maintain it...

Next time someone will ask why I have such a "low" objective, I'll say that the answer is worth... 30L$ !

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Finding good campsites...

This seems to be more and more complex. Good campsites are just closing one after the other. Even the good old apfelland reduced its rates...

So times are hard for campers, but sometimes we find a gem ! I located today a 1L$ per 5 minutes campmaster, limited to 20L$ daily. Not so bad, but not exactly a gem... except that the limit was indeed much higher.

I logged out at 35L$ because I had to leave SL... I will try again tomorrow, and report again about it. By the way, I gave the address of this wonder to the member of the "Free Money from JohnLight Raymaker" group... So if you want this kind of info as early as possible, join the group !

Monday, October 15, 2007

Non human avatar contest - UPDATE

Because of a terrible and unfortunate mistake on my side, I forgot to include the picture of Reverend Chapman in the contest. To restore a fair situation, I added it in the post with all the pictures, and I restarted the vote.


To stick to the rules, the voting phase will last for seven days, straring from now !

All my appologises for this error, and good luck to all !

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Non human avatar contest - Picture are here

Here are the picture of all participants of the best non-human avatar contest. Vote for your favorite one in the right-hand column. Good luck to all !

1) Wrager Creeley
2) Sylver Vuckovic

3) Venix Scofield

4) Angle Binder

5) Stroh Bing

6) Reverend Champan

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Back for more - High Yield Deposit: Done !

I've been away, and then busy over the next days, so I don't have a lot of things to report. The most important thing is that I finally achieve to get 8'000 of the JT Financial High Yield bonds ! Thanks a lot to Reverend Chapman who mentionned in a comment that these bonds can be exchanged on the SL Capital Exchange !

This makes these bonds much better than the term deposit that Ginko issued before they collapsed, because they can be sold at (nearly) anytime. If I feel any risk with JTF, I will sold the bonds.

I also decided to put only two thirds of my JTF deposit in the bonds, to avoid losing too much in case of trouble. So my strategy is now to put my camping savings by JTF on my standard account, to let the bonds generate interests, while still having 10% of my balance safe by APEZ.

The non-human avatar contest with 400L$ to earn is still open, you have until tomorrow 12PM to send your best non-human avatar. I already got some really surprising ones !

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

GUEST POST from Stroh Bing - New type of campsite directory

Here is a post from Stroh Bing (thanks again) about a place located in Ratmaw (183, 33, 451)...
This should help you (and me...) to find good campsites easily.

"Hey Campers!!

Stroh Bing here with a new way for us to make sure
no campsite sits empty....

The Freemoney Group has it's very own camp bench..

Not just any campbench, we got the biggest one
in SecondLife.. AND It has links to camping benches
all over SL.

If you need a place to camp, drop by and check out
the globes on the wall..

If you find a new place with camping sites sitting
empty, you can make a land mark and drop it on
any globe that is labeled "drop camping landmark

Coming soon are free avatars to get rid of noob
skins that many campsites operators do not like..
Camping gear.. etc..

Don't let good camp sites sit empty!!!
Don't let Free Lindens go to waste..

Camp On!!"

Monday, October 8, 2007

No high yield deposit for me - Away from home

I have been waiting for days now, expecting to buy some 0.2% daily bonds from JTF. These have been anounced days ago, and I was thinking about how many I should buy, and so on...

But all of this has been canceled. JTF did issue the bonds, but they all sold within 5 hours, and I got no chance to get some, as I was offline by that time...

No change in my strategy then, I'll continue to camp and use my saving account. If any of you was lucky engough to get such bonds and wants to keep me informed, I'd be really happy.

Nothing else to report today, as I'm away from home on a business trip. I found an internet connection so I can go in-world (call me addicted...) and I will camp a bit this night. I also had time to meet Stroh Bing who had a surprise for me... but this is still a secret now. More on this later (call me teaser)...

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Non human avatar contest - 400 L$ prizes

Send me a snapshot of you best non-human avatar, and you will get a chance to win money ! 250L$ for the best, 100L$ for the second, and 50 L$ for the third ! Many thanks to Kadena Whitfield (VP of JT Financials) who is funding this contest.

You have until next sunday October 14th 12PM SLT to send me your snapshot at johnlight.contest@gmail.com ! I will then publish all the pictures on this blog, and the voting phase will then be open for one week. One picture per contestant, be sure to include your avatar name in your message !

Good luck to all, and be creative !

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Financial update

My financial strategy is still the same, I put all my earnings (camping, group fees and shop income) on my JT Financials account, where they generate new income via interests. Parallely to that, to be able to restart in case of major issue with JT Financials, I put at least 10% of my total money by APEZ. I don't get any interest from the reserve, but it's not at risk.

I could also use my cash accounts for the reserve, but this increase the risk of doing silly things with it... For the time being, the reserve is at 2'000 L$, so I don't need to do any transfer today.

To show again how good is a bank paying interest, here is an overview of my JTF account since I opened it...

Total Deposit: 13'257 L$
Total Withdrawal: 1'201 L$
Total Interest 476 L$
Total Affiliate Bonus: 15 L$
Total : 12'548L$

If I consider my total balance, excluding the gift from Arbitrage Wise, it reaches 14'548 L$. The interests represent 3.3% of the total, which is not negligible !

In fact the percentage of interests in my total wealth is higher, depending how I consider Stroh's gift after the Ginko crash, because my losses included some ineterest generated by Ginko. Anyway, this would make the interest proportion higher.

This clearly shows how important the interests are, and with time they will be more and more important with the growth of my total balance.

If you're convinced it's time for you to open an account, you can do it via the ATM in the mini-shop (SLURL in the right side column)...

Regarding the 5'000 L$ gift from Arbitrage, my results on the SLCapex market are not exactly outstanding, as by the time I'm writing this post the total value of my stocks is 3'777 L$ ! I'm still working of strategies to get it better, and will post about it when I'll have found a working one !

Friday, October 5, 2007

High Yield Deposits Announced By JTFinancials

JT Financials promised for a while that high yield deposit will become possible soon. Now the soon seems sooner than ever. There is an entry in the SLCapex forum about what JTF will offer.

From mid of October, it should be possible to buy 1.00L$ bonds, and JTF will re-buy them mid of April, at 1.44L$ each. It is quite a long period of time, particularly as time in SL is much quicker than in real life, but it's also a very interesting deal. 44% increase over half a year ! This corresponds to 0.2% daily.

As I don't need the money I'm saving, this will be perfect for me. The only remaining question is "do I trust JTF enough to go for a long term investment ?". This is by far not an easy one to answer... hopefully, I've got until mid of october !

I plan to post a detailled post this week-end about my financial strategy, and compare how I'm doing with what was planned. And may be some fun post on Sunday...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Triple Lucky Day in Second Life - We need more Genies

I've been lucky three times today in Second Life. First, I could get a 4L$ / 15 minutes camping spot in Rumpus. Secondly, the region has been restarted. You might think that this is no luck, but it was... I came back as soon as it restarted, and because of a bug, some of the benches were still displayed some amounts earned, with no one on sitting. By sitting I could get that money, so I made 12L$ within seconds. It is the second time I see such issues with camping benches and regions restarts.

But my bigger luck today was to camp beside Genie Demina, as you can see on this snapshot.

Genie is an awsome suntanned blondie with deep blue eyes which I could look at for hours, but moreover she's a true angel. She helped me several time with SL, gave me tons of stuff, and she's very generous with all her friends. Genie is never short of time for others, and is always available. I met her months ago, and I can say she's a person I can rely on, and a trustable good friend.

To be brief, Second Life would be much better if there were more Genies there... Thanks for being You, Genie.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Camping together again - Bye bye JTFinancials contest

Busy, busy, busy ! This has been the keyword for today. Busy at job, busy at home, so not a lot of time to camp. Hopefully I had a short slot of time to start camping, and to make it more profitable, I started camping with JaneLight and JohnLight simultanously again.

The new SL client seems much more stable on my old computer than before, so I got quite good result. May be I should look for free old computers, but strong enough to run more SL clients...

Anyway, twin camping has been good, and I will report more about it later on. By the way, I did not decided yet if Jane and John are twins or lovers...

Sadly, I must report that I did not won the JTFinancials affiliate contest. During the contest period, I had 6 more new affiliates, and the winner had not less than 35 new affiliates ! Congratulations to him... May be next time... Bye bye 10'000 L$ prize :-(

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

And the winner is... Sylver Vuckovic

The voting phase of the camping photo contest is now over, and I'm happy to declare Sylver Vuckovic winner of this first contest ! This is the picture of our winner !

I paid Sylver his 100L$ immediately after 12SLT today, and he declared : "Hmm...thanks to everyone who voted for me :)"

Given the success of this contest, I'll run another one in a few weeks, probably on theme "Best non human avatar"... but all other suggestions are welcome.

Thanks again to all participants, and congratulations to Sylver for this brilliant victory !

Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm camping for YOU !

As the end of the voting phase of the Camping Photo Contest comes close, I'm now camping to earn the 100L$ prize I'll have to give to the winner. I could obviously take it from the bank, but I prefer accumulate it right now, so as not withdraw too much.

You can still vote for your favorite camping snapshot, all the photos are available here. I don't have a lot to report, as I was off for three days. Three days away from Second Life were just good, and I'm happy to say that I did not missed it. No guilty feeling or anything like that. I'm probably not that much addicted...

A new tren makes me a bit worrying... it seems that even 2L$ / 10 minutes campsites become harder to find these days. It's certainly time for me to start a new search phase, I'll keep you informed. Any tip welcome.