Saturday, November 24, 2007

Second Life Goes On... without me

Persitence... this is the key workd in Second Life. Just as in the "Just a Gigolo" song... life goes on... without me !

I just updated my balance information, and even without having been online, my money continues to produce interests. I have few more affiliates who opened SL Capex accounts via my ATM in the shop, in Club Josephina.

Some new members joined "Free Money From JohnLight Raymaker" group, to get a chance to win 1'000'000 L$. And the end of November is approaching, and JTIC hares will pay the first monthly interests... money money money, must be funny...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Is Camping Dead ? 1 / 500 !

I spent some time today in SecondLife, and wanted to confirm what had been said in comments about camping going down because of the new search feature.

The cause is not so easy to define, but I must say that when I went thourgh campsites I had in my inventory, I was quite surprised. Many of them just vanished, or lowered their rates. Some CampMasters were still at the same rate, but not accepting any campers.

Many dancepads changed from 2L$ per 10 minutes to 1L$ per ten minutes. This seems to be the new "standard"... weeks ago my minimum was 2 L$ / 10 minutes, but this seems to be hard to find nowadays.

One of my favorite campsite even changed its rate to a ridiculously low rate... It's in fact so low that I made a snapshot, to be sure you'll beleive me... have a look.

Beleive me, this snapshot did not went through Photoshop. This bench is truely paying 1 L$ per 500 minutes, which is 8 hours and 20 minutes ! And as you see... it's full of campers ! Either camping is dead, or they did not read the rate before sitting here.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Real Life is taking over Second Life

These days my real life is just going crazy. Many changes are in the air, and managing it uses all my spare time, so I have no time left for camping. As I don't want to miss decisions that will impact the rest of my life for the next 10 years, priority is clearly to Real Life. I keep an eye to my SL Capital Exchange investments, and will place orders if good opportunities show up.

The challenge is not stopped. You can still support me by opening accounts using the ATM in the shop, or buying items from the shop. All financial products will also continue to work automatically, increasing my fortune slowly but certainly.

I'll try to update the blog regularly, and keep you informed when I will become more active again.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Second Life Is a Drug

I've not been connected intensively to Second Life for the past five days, and I somehow feel in lack of it. Ok, I don't have shaking fingers, I'm not sweating, and I don't get excessively nervous. However when I've some spare time, I'm tempted to launch the client, just to check if there is a good camping spot free, or check if friends are online.

The social aspect of Second Life makes it really addictive, and this is also reinforced by the persistence. You know, you do something in SL, and leave. When you come back, the grid has evolved, you can see the consequences of what you made...

This makes it tempting to come back for a quick look... see if someone came to your place, or if your shop is doing well. Non-speaking of your L$ balance, or the value of your stocks...

Are you addicted ? Can you stop getting in-world for one day ? One week ? I don't ask you to test it, but ask yourself... and then ask yourself what you could have done with this time.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Ooops, my mistake - On JTIC payments

No more money in the air... I misread the JT Financials Investment Certificates (JTIC) dividend payments... They start producing interests today, and first dividend payment will be on 1st of December... So no payment yesterday.

I don't have a lot more to report, as my RL is getting hectic, with potential job change, and tons of work... Even if I like being in SL, I can't be there all time so expect kind of a slow down on this blog, but certainly not a stop !