Sunday, December 30, 2007

2000 L$ by doing nothing !

Since I opened my account by JT Financials, the interests of my savings and the payments from the JT Investment Certificates totalize 2000 L$ !

This is only 0.2% of the million I aim for, but it is a good sign for two reasons:
  • I got these 2000 L$ doing absolutely nothing
  • The rate at which I earn interests is growing together with my savings
I also re-camped a few hours over last days, and even if I found hard to find good spots, I had the pleasure to re-talk with friends...

As this post is the last for 2007, let me wish you all a Happy New Year 2008 !

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Personal news - Season's Greetings

The time I could spend in SecondLife for the last months has been reduced to an extreme minumum for various reasons on which I can now say more...

In spring 2008, I will change job, location, and country. Job hunting, decisions, and move preparation took a lot of time. This combined with the fall in camping possibilities took me away of SL, except for very brief visits.

After discussing with Wrag about producing tee-shirts and other goodies, I made it for another blog, with interesting results. Thus I also took an other way to become a millionaire (a bit obsessive...) with a tee-shirt blog and its associated shop.

The next two weeks should be a bit quieter, so I'll try to get in SL again, to meet all my friends there again (Jo, Angle, Genie, Alex, Rev, Stroh, Wrag, ... I did not forget about you).

My experience in SecondLife does certainly belong to the good things I made in 2007, and I want to thank you all, friends, reader, commenters, guest posters, because this blog is yours before all.

So I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a very pleasant and successful Happy New Year 2008 !

End of year bonus - Thank you SLCapex !

My daily routine still do not allow for time in-world, but I keep an eye on my SLCapex accounts, and place orders when needed. End of december will bring in the second JTF Investment Certificates payment, and on top of that two good news came recently:

JTIC to offer Dividend Bonus & Early Dividend Payout
The early dividend is just fine, I would not have the JTF guys working on 1st of January, and there's not a lot to say about dividend bonus, except "Thank You".

SL Capital Exchange (SLCX) to Pay Special One-Time Dividend - 12/18/2007
As a large part of the 5'000L$ offered by Arbitrage Wise are invested in SLCX, this is quite good news.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Money flows in... by itself

Today is good... it's the first time the JT Financials Investment Certificates pay interests. So JohnLight cashed 494 L$ in, and JaneLight about 50 L$.

So thank you JTF, thank you Arbitrage Wise, and continue ! At this pace, I will be millionaire in 166 years. Hopefully I also got standard 0.1% daily interests, so it will be slightly quicker ;-)

Any support appreciated...