Tuesday, January 15, 2008

End of the challenge ?

Arbitrage Wise very recently announced that JT Financials will be reshaped in SL Wallet, and amongst decisions result from the banking ban, cash deposits will no longer produce interests.

Those of you who read this blog from its inception (thanks a lot...) know that interests are VITAL for me as sole camping or similar activities are not sufficient. It that the end of my challenge ?

Not sure... At first the JT Investment Certificates still exist. They are not paying interests but dividends. Their future is not clear yet, and I will wait for further news.

Moreover I have other investment ideas, but I don't want to tell too much about it now... suspense...

Nevertheless if I decided to end the quest now, I will stick to the rule I defined in the very beginning and award all my earnings (roughly 23'000L$) to a member of the "Free Money from JohnLight Raymaker" group in Second Life. It is not too late for you to join the group !

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