Sunday, January 20, 2008

JTIC share back at original price

After some strong fluctuations, the price of the JT Investment Certificates (SLCapex: JTIC) came back to its original level, in the 1.12L$ range. When JTF created the JTIC, I bought a bunch of them for 1.05.

During the last weeks, when the banks ban announced by LindenLab shook the banking industry, I was lucky enough to buy a second batch of JTICs at 0.65L$ each. This was kind of a risky bet, but now that the price is back, the question is to know if I must sell some of them or keep them all.

As I continue to trust Arbitrage Wise and the guys at JTF, I will obviously keep them !

Tuesday will be an interesting day as it will be the limit date defined by LL to remove the ATMs... As JTF no longer pays interest, I wonder if they will remove them or not.

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onbewust said...

That's a pretty good profit you made there on those JTIC shares. L$ 0.35/share, that's over 50%! Wish I would've been so lucky to buy those. But now I'm stepping out. It's idd too hard to make money without the interest. It has been good while it lasted. :-)